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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I-Tip Hair Extensions

For years we have been doing the classic bond strand by strand infusion hair extensions. The classic method required heat infusion of the extensions. After the life of your service (3-6 months), the hair was tossed out and couldn't be reused.

We now offer the I-Hair Tip Extensions by Cinderella Hair and DreamCatchers that are applied without heat, chemicals or glue. The I-Tip hair can be reused one or more times with proper maintenance. With proper care and installation, the I-Hair Tip Extension service lasts 4-6 months. The extensions are securely attached with links. Both DreamCatchers and Cinderella I-Hair offers 100% Human Remy Hair in a variety of colors with lengths from 12"-22". The hair is a medium texture and comes in straight, body wave, and euro wavy curl patterns.

Combining I-Tips and Tape extensions is a quick approach to full head of long, full hair that has great movement.

I-Tip Extensions offer clients highlights without chemicals. A few pieces to add fullness or color is a great way to sample this technique. Call Salon Baptiste at 770-622-7720 for a free consultation.

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