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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Eprouvage Hair Growth Product Review

Eprouvage is a hair growth product touting progressive plant cell science. We were also told in our product training similar ingredients used in newer product for eyelash growth are included. The line carries shampoos, conditioners, scalp serum and style products. More than likely the line will grow more products.

After using the line about one year I feel very comfortable in providing feedback. There are two shampoos: Strengthening (for chemical treated) and Volume (fullness, fine hair). They both have complimentary conditioners. Both are gentle cleansing shampoos. We absolutely love the Leave In conditioner! Smells wonderful - fresh clean, softens the hair, helps detangle. Eprouvage also has a men's line. Both men and women use the same Scalp Serum.

The Reviving Scalp Serum is a very light product to be used in areas where thinning is a concern. The Serum doesn't interfere with client styles and dries quickly. For most people the temples, front hairline, and spots in the top of the head are places to concentrate Serum use. Several of our clients are using the product daily and feel they are seeing hair growth improvement. Many clients have repurchased this product.

Most importantly frequent shampooing is recommended when thinning occurs. Thickening and volumizing products to style are helpful to achieve a fuller look. Massage your scalp by brushing daily to circulate blood flow. When brushing isn't an option while wearing many natural styles, use your finger tips to massage your scalp and stimulate natural oils. Many Eprouvage product promotions include a complimentary scalp stimulating brush.

Avoid styles and sleeping in rollers that put tension on your hair and cause traction alopecia. Try pin curling the hair for less tension on the hair and a more comfortable rest. A great deal of the hair loss we are seeing in the salon is caused by unhealthy hair styles that put too much stress on the natural hair. Discuss your hair loss concerns with your physician during annual (semi-annual) checkups. Vitamin deficiencies, thyroid conditions, medication side effects, and postpartum commonly contribute to temporary hair loss. A healthy diet that includes good fats, proteins and vitamins is very beneficial to growing healthy hair.

Cheryl Baptiste
Salon Baptiste

Monday, January 30, 2017

Olaplex New Hair Care Science

Olaplex is brand new science using organic chemistry to create a new professional product for addressing the most compromised hair.  Olaplex is not a conditioner or a protein treatment. Olaplex can make a huge difference in the health of your hair by reconnecting and creating new protein bonds that are broken from chemical services like color, de-colorizing, relaxer, perms, use of heat styling tools, excessive stretching of the hair while wet and mechanical styling.
Any hair texture or curl pattern that is weak or breaking can benefit from an Olaplex Bond Strengthening treatment.  Olaplex gives you color that lasts longer, stronger, shiny, less frizzy hair. Salon Baptiste has gotten amazing results using Olaplex on color treated hair, natural hair, and after perms and relaxers. There is no product on the market quite like Olaplex!
Olaplex can be added to your formula for base color, when lightening the hair and when glazing or toning the hair. Prices for Olaplex to be added to your color can vary depending on how your stylist uses the product. Damaged hair could need a treatment prior to the color service.  Several lightening applications could be applied to remove color and Olaplex should be added to each formula.  Rates will vary by salon, location and how the product is being used. Olaplex can be mixed with any professional color brand:  KeratinComplex, Alfaparf Milano, Framesi and Redken.  
Also, Olaplex #3 can be purchased for home to supporting your salon treatment. Your stylist will give you instructions on how to use Olaplex #3.
If your colorist isn't using Olaplex, you need to ask why!

Client above has dark brown (level 2) natural hair color and has been lightened multiple times. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MicroLinks & Malaysian Hair Extensions

Microlinks (or cold links) are being used in the salon for both strand by strand extensions and sew in styles.  Originally we started using the microlinks to add strand by strand hair extensions. This technique works for a full or partial extension service.  Strand by strand cold links extensions are great for adding a few highlights when you do not want to color your own hair. Trendy addition of pink, purple or blue hair colors can be difficult to achieve on one's natural hair. A variety of hair colors are available and can be installed very quickly. 

The strand by strand (I-Tips) attachment of hair is still one of the most believeable techniques that create movement and dimensional color while allowing you to easily get to the scalp when shampooing.  Microlink strand by strand extensions can last up to 3 months.

Microlinks are now being used as foundation track to sew in wefts of hair. This is called the Malaysian weave technique. The Malaysian technique is another option that allows us to get the hair sewn in faster.  This no braid sew in technique uses your natural hair to maintain fullness while avoiding the bulk created by braids.  The Malaysian technique is great for clients who want their hair blended into the extensions or when the client wants to go from short to long or extremely long hair.

Both techniques can be done without damage to the hair when following your stylist instructions. Always ask your Stylist about maintenance shampoos, what to do overnight, brushing, and other care concerns when wearing long hair extensions.  For more information call Salon Baptiste 770-622-7720. Cheryl Baptiste, Pernell Baptiste, or Nicole Herring.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hair Weaves: What to Consider?

What do you need to know about getting a new weave design?

Full head Highlighted Indian Remy Hair

Hair weaves and extensions are part of today’s fashion, trend, and style. Clients often add extensions to change hair color, texture, style or for adding fullness and length. Extensions can be used as a temporary cosmetic solution, camouflaging breaking and damaged hair. There is no one size fits all with hair extension service. A consultation is highly recommended for clients who are trying these services, particularly for first time service. The following information is for guidance when considering hair extensions.

There are several considerations when deciding on hair extensions: desired style, how long you plan to wear the style, hair selection, installation technique, and budget.

Style – Look through hair style magazines for photos of the style you would like. Your stylist will review individual starting place to determine steps to your desired style. Bring pictures to your stylist for use during the consultation.

How long do you plan to wear the extension style? Special occasion, a few weeks, a month, or long term (up to three months). Your expectation of how long you’ll be wearing the style is important in determining choice of hair and technique.

Hair selection – Which direction is right for you with so many choices? Human or synthetic, straight, wavy, or curly, length of hair, color of hair. Which hair brands perform the best? The cost of hair is normally separate because of the wide choices in quality and cost. When purchasing hair is for short term use, lower price and/or synthetic hair is an okay option. When you want to wear your extension hair for eight (8) weeks or more, go for better quality remi hair for less tangling. Lesser quality hair often does not last as long as service installation technique.

Weave Techniques – Sew-in, strand by strand heat fusion or cold links, quick weave bonding, tape extension, comb extensions, lace fronts, or full cap wigs. Sew-ins, net service, lace fronts, and full wig caps are used to cover long term thinning and balding or for a change from wearing your natural locks.

Budget – There are two separate cost considerations: the hair and the service. Discuss budget with your stylist to make sure your expectation is in line with your budget. If you plan to use high quality hair like natural human Indian Remy, your hair selection could last for more than one sew-in service. It is suggested that clients make salon visits as recommended by their stylist when wearing hair extensions, lace frontals, and lace front wigs.

Full head with closure
As you see there are many factors to consider and that's why a consultation is so important.  Many salons will provide a free consultation or your consultation price will be deducted from your service.  Call 770-622-7720 for more information.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Coppola Keratin Protein Treatments for Summer Fun

Keratin Protein Treatments are offering our natural African-American, bi-racial, and other curly/frizzy clients another option. If you like to wear straight and curly looks the Keratin Protein Treatment might be for you. What we enjoy most is the frizz free hair you get when the hair is blow dryed and silked out with a ceramic iron. It doesn't swell like texturizing the hair with sodium hydroxide (relaxer). What a great benefit when living in humid climates like Atlanta or vacationing in the Caribbean. Clients are able to style their hair straight at home who never liked to do this before. The second wonder is you still could have the option of wearing your curly do with a little more control. Coppola Keratin Protein Treatment doesn't remove all of your curl; therefore, when you do not blow dry and smooth the hair you still get curls and waves. This too is a vacation benefit when we don't want to spend precious time styling hair. Yes the treatment starts at $250; however, it lasts up to 3 or 4 months. Price increases with length and density. The protein strengthens the hair and it looks very shiney and healthy. You can do permanent color (highlights or lowlights) on the same day. Clients who lighten have much healthier hair with fewer limitation on color choices when compared to relaxing and highlighting. You will need the Coppola home care products for shampooing and conditioning your hair. The Keratin Protein Treatment is not for everyone, but it is working for many of the ladies who visit our salon. Your outcome depends on your hair texture and curl pattern. You need a consultation for this service, do not go on price alone.